RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED for: Pigtails, Harnesses, or Extensions. These are custom built per order. Please ask any questions before ordering.


Holley Terminator X Max ECU 26 Pin J3 (P3) Drive by Wire Extension Harness

Part Number: AWP-3032-12
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This extension harness is a plug and play solution that extends the Holley Terminator X max ECU 26 pin J3 (P3) connection.

J3, also referred to as P3, is the 26 pin ECU connector on Holley Dominator ECUs and Terminator X Max ECUs that is used for drive by wire throttle purposes.

AUTOMOTIVE WIRING PRODUCTS Extension Harnesses meet or exceed the quality of Original Equipment (OE) harnesses:

  • Assembled with the same materials found on production engine harnesses.
  • Terminals are crimped with production applicators and/or Rennsteig hand tools to exceed pull test requirements.
  • Wires are protected with high temperature fiberglass sleeving.
  • Assembled in the USA