RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED for: Pigtails, Harnesses, or Extensions. These are custom built per order. Please ask any questions before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return this adapter harness I just bought?

Once we’ve built a custom pigtail, harness, or extension, you own it. It was built just for you, so no one else can use it. We have a banner on every page asking for you to reach out to us before ordering if there is any question about your fitment. This is why we don’t accept returns for these items.

What do you accept returns on?

We don't accept returns on any of the custom items we make. Pigtail and adapter harnesses that you chose the length on are custom made for you. The items we accept returns on include Engine Timing Covers (that haven’t been installed or damaged) and connector kits, and any of the other items on our site. If you have a question about our return policy, please ask before ordering. We do have a 15% restocking fee, so please still make sure you are buying what you mean to buy. It’s expensive for you and for us to handle returns.

Where are these products built? Do you use OE (original equipment) to make them?

We build all of our harnesses, pigtails, and extensions in-house at our shop in Erie, PA, USA using all OE components and factory-quality crimp die sets, both hand tools from Rennsteig Tools and professional benchtop tools from KM as well.