RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED for: Pigtails, Harnesses, or Extensions. These are custom built per order. Please ask any questions before ordering.


Holley Dominator ECU 26 Pin J3 (P3) Drive by Wire Extension Harness

Part Number: AWP-3024-12
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This extension harness is a plug and play solution that extends the Holley Dominator ECU 26 pin J3 (P3) connection.

J3, also referred to as P3, is the 26 pin ECU connector on Holley Dominator ECUs and Terminator X Max ECUs that is used for drive by wire throttle purposes.

AUTOMOTIVE WIRING PRODUCTS Extension Harnesses meet or exceed the quality of Original Equipment (OE) harnesses:

  • Assembled with the same materials found on production engine harnesses.
  • Terminals are crimped with production applicators and/or Rennsteig hand tools to exceed pull test requirements.
  • Wires are protected with high temperature fiberglass sleeving.
  • Assembled in the USA