RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED for: Pigtails, Harnesses, or Extensions. These are custom built per order. Please ask any questions before ordering.


Electronic Drive by Wire 58mm Throttle Body for TPI LT1

Part Number: 120-00010
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EFI Connection's electronic, drive-by-wire, throttle bodies for TPI, LT1, and Syclone/Typhoon begin as a solid piece of 6061 aluminum and are CNC machined to accept the LS1/LS6 Corvette throttle body TPS, motor, and internal gears. In short, these are electronically equivalent to the LS1/LS6 Corvette throttle body.
  • Available with twin 52mm, twin 58mm, and mono blade openings.
  • Includes gasket.
  • Does not offer breather feature.
  • Does not offer vacuum port.
  • Does not offer lower coolant passage.