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Holley Terminator X for 1992-1997 LT1 Engines

IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER FOR LT1 ENTHUSIASTS. With the recent release of Holley’s Terminator X system, LS engine enthusiasts can step into the latest performance engine management system for just shy of a grand...and that includes just about EVERYTHING needed to operate the engine.

LT1 engine support is easier and more affordable than you may think. By adding an EFI Connection 24x/1x Crank/Cam signal conversion, 8 ignition coils, and a few adapter harnesses, the Terminator X will have no trouble running your LT1 just as an LS1. Say good-bye to the troublesome LT1 optispark ignition system and enjoy the reliability of the LS ignition system.


24x/1x Crank/Cam Signal Conversion Kit for LT1
EFI Connection’s most basic 24x/1x crank/cam signal conversion kit for the LT1 engine is a tough value to beat. For many years, this kit has been the preferred method of equipping the LT1 engine with the crank and cam signals of the 24x LS-Series engines. Using common GM crankshaft and camshaft sensors, you can count on this conversion to be supported by your local auto parts store for many years to come. What’s more? There are no rotational wear components to ever need replaced.  


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Plug and Play Adapter Harnesses for LT1 Engines
Cutting and splicing into a new engine harness is not desirable. EFI Connection offers adapter harnesses to make Holley’s Terminator X kit plug and play with the LT1 sensors.


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Ignition Coil Bracket Assemblies for LT1 Engines
For those who want a clean and compact installation of 8 LS engine coils, EFI Connection offers black anodized billet aluminum coil brackets with GM’s popular LS2 ignition coils. Features maximum clearance for oil fill, breather, and PCV valve. These coil bracket assemblies are the best fit for the 93-97 Camaro and Firebird engine bay. They’re a good fit for most engine swap applications.


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Self-Learning System
Follow the hand-held menus to generate a base calibration, change the firing order within Holley’s software (included), turn the key and let Holley’s Terminator X ECU begin to learn your engine’s fuel system requirements. It’s really that easy.

Final Thoughts
While I’ve been assisting customers for years with the LS1 PCM, I can’t help but be impressed with the ease of use of Holley’s EFI systems. The days of needing a local or mail order tuner are history. My first road test with a Terminator X installation was a breeze. After miles of learning typical driving conditions (engine load and rpm), all that’s left (should you choose) is to have a local dyno facility dial in the spark table for maximum horsepower and torque. 

About the Author: Mike Noonan

A GM fuel injection enthusiast since first setting eyes on a 5.7L Tuned Port Injection engine. His automotive hobby turned into a career after designing crank and cam signal conversions that brought GM LS1 engine technology to early SBC and LT1 engines. Mike is the founder of EFI Connection, LLC and continues to focus on serving automotive enthusiasts by offering performance engine management products for popular GM engines.